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20 most beautiful places to travel

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Want to visit some of the most stunningly beautiful destinations in 2018? Is a break from work knocking on your door? Need some visual inspiration for family friendly destinations that are so pretty you will be booking your tickets immediately? Here is my 20 to 1 countdown to help you out....

20. Laos


Why your family will love Laos

The relaxed family friendly culture, beautiful architecture and quiet non-touristy vibe.

19. Singapore

Singapore skyline

Why your family will love Singapore

So much to see and do from natural attractions, impressive architecture and man-made amusement. Pretty, clean and bustling with energy, Singapore is a must visit city for family fun. Read More...

18. Fiji

Fiji Islands

Why your family will love Fiji

The pristine, beautiful beaches and the completely chilled approach to life. The happy cry of "bula" will have the kids smiling.

17. Zimbabwe

Rhinos in Zimbabwe

Why your family will love Zimbabwe

16. Spain

Madrid Spain

Why your family will love Spain

Creative tapas and a zesty, energetic mood. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Madrid and Barcelona or take a more leisurely pace at beachside resorts like San Sebastian.

15. Mexico

Why your family will love Mexico

Dancing in the streets and not caring who is watching, authentic delicious Mexican food and awe inspiring historical ruins nestled into the jungle.

14. Guatemala

Guatemalan children

Why your family will love Guatemala

A sneak peek into a very different way of life. Antigua is compellingly quaint, the Tikal ruins and the wildlife is beautiful and you should not miss a stay near Lake Atitlan for its mesmerising prettiness.

13. Malaysia

Sepilok Orangutans Sabah

Why your family will love Malaysia

A visit to Sabah Borneo visiting the orangutan sanctuaries. Less well known than some other Asian cuisines but Malaysian food is fresh and super tasty.

14. France

Eiffell Tower Paris

Why your family will love France

Food, food, food, the culture and spectacular mountain scenery. Annecy is as pretty as a postcard - a stunning stop when in France. Read more...

11. Vietnam

Why your family will love Vietnam

The hustle and bustle of the cities, eclectic coastal regions and must-see places like ancient Hoi An (pictured above)

10. Botswana

Okavango Delta in a mokoro

Why your family will love Botswana

Sheer wilderness of the Okavango Delta and seeing African wildlife without the safety of a safari vehicle

9. South Africa


Why your family will love South Africa

Cape Town – one of the most unique cities in the World where you can explore Table Mountain and road trip through Stellenbosch wine country. Kruger National Park, arguably the most accessible and diverse African safari regions.

8. Australia

Why your family will love Australia

What's not to love - the best beaches in the world, a thriving food scene, cool cities and amazing National Parks and natural attractions. Read more about where to visit in Australia.

7. New Zealand

Why your family will love New Zealand

Adventure and Scenery all the way – the kiwis know how to keep travellers on their toes.

6. USA

Monument Valley USA

Why your family will love USA

Diversity – whether you are looking for world class beaches, buzzing cities or stunning wilderness the USA can deliver. Our absolute best thing to do in the US is visit the extraordinary National Parks. From tall redwood forests, snowy mountains, desert wonders, the National Parks of America draw tourists from all over the world for good reason.

The US is also one of the easiest and more interesting places to head out on the open roads for a family road trip.

If you are after a tropical getaway then of course consider Hawaii as another unbeatable US destination.

5. Italy

San Gimignano Italy

Why your family will love Italy

Tasty food, feisty locals and picturesque villages throughout

4. Croatia

Plitvice Croatia

Why your family will love Croatia

The ultimate Mediterranean family holiday – the Dalmatian islands and Plitvice Lakes are sure to impress

3. Canada

Toronto skyline

Why your family will love Canada

Grizzlies and the impressive Rocky National Park. Other amazing places to visit include Toronto with a side trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, Vancouver and Whistler.

2. Thailand

Phuket Thailand

Why your family will love Thailand

1. Switzerland

Swiss Alps

Why your family will love Switzerland

Endless days of alpine splendour and getting active in the crisp fresh air

I hope this list has gotten the juices flowing and you are ready to plan your next adventure!

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