Big Adventures for Little Feet

My name is Karen and I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband and two girls. 

The idea behind 'Big Adventures for Little Feet' came about after I started to reflect on the most common thing friends say to me when i mention our next upcoming trip. Consistently the common response is "that's fantastic that you still do those kind of trips. I just can't imagine travelling with our kids so we wont be travelling far until they are much older." 

From this I was keen to create an online community and information to inspire and help people understand that getting out and experiencing travel as a family is possible. Not only is it possible, but for our family it forms the cornerstone of our children's development and has resulted in so many wonderful memories whilst strengthening our relationships.

We are just an ordinary family. Through this site you will find honest and real advice on travel destinations along with all the tips to make make travelling with your kids a breeze. 

I love travel. My kids love travelling. And so will you. Be inspired, start planning and get out and see the beautiful world.