Big Adventures for Little Feet

My name is Karen and I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband and two girls. 

'Big Adventures for Little Feet' came about after I started to reflect on the most common thing friends say when I mention our next upcoming trip. Consistently the common response is "that's fantastic that you still do those kind of trips. I just can't imagine travelling with our kids so we wont be travelling far until they are much older." 

This goes hand in hand with the comment about kids not remembering anything so why waste your money :-) What people don't realise is that irrespective of the things kids see and do when travelling they WILL remember the quality time they have with you and their siblings. Travel provides the most phenomenal opportunity to have uninterrupted time with each other as a family without competing priorities and away from pressures of home. 

I really want to inspire people to keep their travel dreams alive. Yep sure, travelling with kids can sometimes be downright exasperating and you will definitely have a bit more luggage than you were used to. BUT, the benefits definitely outweigh this and you will form super strong bonds and create everlasting memories by exploring the world with your kids. 

Whether you love all-inclusive luxury holidays, or a more bespoke adventure then let me guide you along the way with honest, real advice. No travel agent sales pitch here!

I love travel and nothing beats travelling as a family. Be inspired, start planning and get out and see the beautiful world.