Re-think your next family holiday - travel with kids ideas
  • Karen Buffier

Family holiday destinations... rethink your next trip with kids

Are you tired of the same old suggestions and recommendations for family holidays or family vacation ideas? Don’t want to consider Fiji or the Gold Coast again, and bored of the same repeat advice when it comes to planning some time away together?

When we have kids nobody warns you that this now means trawling the stock standard child friendly holiday websites to be offered the same deals and destinations year after year. Becoming a parent has brought about immense changes already for you. You now leave the house with no less than three bags, several NASA inspired child moving devices and a stock pile of nappies, wet wipes and enough snacks to keep your little one in a state of peaceful contentment for two hours of rapid-fire shopping.

Little wonder this new complexity leaves parents squirming at the thought of planning a much needed holiday with little feet in tow…..

Don’t get me wrong, I love a relaxing resort holiday as much as the next person and it can be oh so tempting to seek out the best all inclusive family resort deal you can find and hop on board the plane. It can be the perfect antidote for exhausted mums and dads who love the idea of resting on an idyllic beach with the odd massage, and all thrown in with a good dose of down time from helpful and enthusiastic kids’ club staff.

But sometimes I think we all need something a little more. Life with kids is already full of ‘too hards,’ ‘it is different now’ and ‘more complicated’ when perhaps it doesn’t need to be. With travel being my number one passion in life (after my kids of course!) I wanted to create an information portal for parents who want to keep travelling the same way they did before kids!

Okay so not everything can be exactly the same cause you might need to have a plan for where you might stay as sleeping on the beach or in an 8 person dorm might not be quite as feasible with a 1 and 3yo but hey some small sacrifices don’t need to dampen the overall goal. We can still aim to make travel exciting, different and inspiring.

The thrill of travelling with kids comes from taking on the challenge of getting to experience and explore new places despite adjusting the way we now plan for these adventures.

Kids have an appetite for travel that cannot be replicated as an adult. Do you remember the first overseas place you visited? For me it was Paris, and I still remember the vision from the plane window of the Eiffel Tower across the city landscape as we descended into Charles de Gaulle on a bright sunny morning. The awe inspiring moment when you realise just how amazing and different the world is to our everyday lives.

For children this whole process is amplified. They notice the strange food in the supermarkets, they learn and laugh with other children different to themselves, and they revel in the weird and wonderful ways people travel that doesn’t involve cars.

Most of all they relish the time spent with you – their parents! Travelling as a family has brought us closer together as we get to spend valuable time without outside distractions. We travel without phones and without work and personal expectations which means un-interrupted US time.

So shut those family travel websites and start thinking bigger. Just like you did before kids you can still plan a full and interesting travel schedule – just with a little extra luggage!

Not all travel experiences with kids need be expensive overseas destinations. I also hope to take you on a journey of discovery as to how local trips can be experienced in a totally different way.

Remember don’t limit yourself or your family’s capabilities. Don’t use a travel agent - not to take away from them as I used to be one in a long ago life – but take the plunge and design YOUR kind of holiday and fill it with your own interests and hopes. Fill it with meaningful life lessons for YOUR family.

There is still a whole lot of fun to be had travelling as a family and endless opportunities to explore… just need to believe that it isn’t too hard.

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