Best Place to Stay in Fiji

April 11, 2018

Are you contemplating a trip to Fiji with kids but confused about the best place to stay in Fiji? If you are confused about whether you should stay on Denarau Island, on one of the many islands or perhaps the Coral Coast then you should read on for the best family friendly advice. We have travelled to Fiji on a couple of occasions and have stayed in budget backpackers, right through to five-star Fiji resorts and the different areas really do offer different benefits and reasons you should consider staying. Let me help you to work out how to choose one region over another so that you can select the best holiday for your family for a palm fringed idyllic getaway to the South Pacific.




Denarau Island

Denarau offers top notch resorts and is easy, convenient and fun. If you are after some indulgent resorts, plenty of options to keep the kids entertained and you are content enough to swim in some of the coolest and most expansive pools then definitely consider Denarau for your next family trip.


What you need to know…

  • Located just a short hop from Nadi, Denarau is a great choice if you are arriving on evening flights with kids or if you have a super early departure. In just twenty minutes you arrive at a number of high quality five-star resorts ready to launch straight into your holiday. Many travellers opt to use Denarau for a few days either side of a Fiji island resort which offers a great balance to visiting Fiji

  • Excellent recreation and sporting facilities are aplenty on Denarau. Whether it is land based sports such as golf and tennis or gliding out on glossy blue waters in a kayak the region of Denarau is very well equipped for an active break. For those of you travelling with young children I also really enjoyed that the whole of Denarau is connected with stroller friendly footpaths meaning you can go for a run or a relaxing evening stroll without walking along roads

  • Young kids love the Bula Bus which connects the Denarau Marina to all of the resorts. A fun hop-on hop-off travel option so you can visit all the little nooks and crannies

  • There is a supermarket for snacks and kids supplies along with some cafes which is a nice break from eating at resorts

  • External restaurants are plentiful and mean you aren’t stuck eating in the one resort every night. Peruse the options at all the other resorts, all within walking distance or via the bula bus or perhaps try out some of the tasty options at the Marina restaurants or the golf club.

  • Denarau is well credentialed for travelling families with numerous wet weather options at the village such as a fantastic indoor soft play centre

  • All resorts in Denarau offer fully immersive kids clubs and babysitting. If you want a little down time or are interested in the cultural learning activities for your kids this is a great spot to do this.

  • It can be pretty pricey and there are better budget options for accommodation in Fiji than what is found in Denarau. However, if you love full service, expansive resorts then Denarau is a perfect choice. Fiji is more prone to major price fluctuations dependent on the seasons so bear in mind if you avoid the Australian school holiday periods, the prices are significantly cheaper.

  • Whilst I never found the beaches in Denarau to be dirty they are not the powdery white sands and crystal waters that you often associate with Fiji. At Denarau you are far more likely to find yourself indulging in the quality hotels pools rather than the brown sand beaches.

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Coral Coast

The Coral Coast is located approximately an hour and a half from Nadi airport depending on which resort you are staying. More relaxed and low key than Denarau, the Coral Coast still offers top notch resorts with lush vegetation and white sandy beaches. There is a small restaurant strip known as the Sunset Strip but you will need to check the location of resorts to see how accessible this area is to your location.



What you need to know…

It can be tricky navigating Fiji’s tourism to find some authentic Fijian culture. Sadly, some of the resort tourist shows can come across a little contrived so it is nice if you can find genuine encounters with locals on your visit to Fiji. The Fijian people are warm and friendly and when you stay on the Coral Coast you are closer to some small villages and communities, opening the door to some interesting interactions. We found a local who walked us to some remote waterfalls, on the way stopping to show us the local school kids playing football.

  • The beaches on the Coral Coast are much prettier than Denarau and the sunsets in the region are beautifully serene. Picturesque beaches with palm trees cascading towards the water set the scene and the interesting sea life (lots of large sea snakes when we were there!) will excite the kids and transform them into explorer mode. The natural environment on this part of Fiji is more tropical and dense with beautiful lush vegetation. You will either love or hate the geckos that spend their time trying to eat fellow geckos, and the cane toads that can lay themselves so thick across the grass some nights that you need to shuffle your way back to your room to avoid stepping on them!

  • The Coral Coast offers a fabulous range of accommodation. There is no shortage of luxurious resorts that cater beautifully for travel with kids and as can be expected with Fiji there are exceptional services and concepts to keep your kids active and busy. For the budget conscious there are also some great lower cost options for a holiday on the Coral Coast

  • It can be a little bit isolating in terms of getting about as there is minimal public transport in the area and wandering along the main road is not very feasible with kids. Most resorts are spread apart and without a rental car you will not get too far by foot.

  • On this part of the coast you will be more restricted for places to eat with only the immediate hotel restaurants readily available.


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Yasawa or Mamanuca Islands

Jumping on board a catamaran from Denarau Marina you can very quickly find yourself disembarking on the sandy shores of some of the most pristine pacific islands. There are many great reasons to include an island break when you travel to Fiji and most resorts are tailored to either families or couples so you can quickly get a clear picture of which island might suit your family travel style.



What you need to know….

  • On a trip to Fiji you will quickly come across the local phrase “Fiji Time” and this concept can never be as clearly articulated as spending a few days on a Fijian island. There are no schedules or expectations and you can simply enjoy the moment and savour the quiet family moments.

  • Due to the isolation of being on an island many resorts include full board options which can make travelling with kids really easy if you like all-inclusive travel.

  • For the very best beaches in Fiji you really do need to venture out to the islands. It is here that you can truly swim in those picture perfect turquoise waters that are famously splashed across the Fiji tourism brochures

  • The very best snorkelling and dive sites are found on the remote reefs off the islands. Fiji is a fabulous spot to teach your kids to snorkel as the waters are calm and clear and the brightly coloured tropical fish are a sight to behold once you find that perfect snorkelling spot in Fiji!

  • If you like the option to eat at lots of different places and to explore further afield than your accommodation, then an island holiday may feel a little restrictive. Take it for what it is though, a wonderful opportunity to rest and relax and to take in the beauty of a wonderful destination and you will absolutely love your visit.

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